On average we will rent a property for three or four years.

Yes! We have a team of tradesmen and designers who we work with when renovating your property. To attract the best quality tenants and guests, we insist our properties and brought up to a good condition and cleanliness.

As a company, we are contractually obliged to pay the rent every single month, even if the property was to be empty. Due to not having tenant rights, if we don’t pay the rent then the agreement is voided, instead of going through an eviction process, therefore we take on the financial risk of making sure your rent is paid every month.

Although we rent your property, paying you every month or as many months we agree on, we are a company not a normal tenant. This brings several benefits, in particularly not having any tenant rights which gives you, the landlord, more power and security over your property.

We are not a letting agent as we don’t charge you any fees. The rent is fixed and paid to you every month or as many months as agreed, but no commissions are taken off of that amount. We also take care of all minor maintenance instead of charging you a fee to get things fixed.

We cover all minor maintenance in the property, so you’re not spending your money on leaky taps or broken light bulbs. For any damages caused by the occupants of the property, we always take deposits to assure any issues are covered and we have a quality team of tradesmen to cover any occurrence.

We are based in Accra, Ghana but also look into areas outside Greater Accra.

We are connected with a number of local, national and global companies that have a large supply of professional tenants and guests needing a place to live/stay. All occupants place deposits to cover any damages and extra measures are taken to stop antisocial behaviour.

Absolutely! Our cleaning team will deep clean the property after every occupant and also helps us look after the property on a ground level.