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My Ghrent

We pride ourselves on helping our clients by accommodating their transition into a new chapter of their lives. Our qualified and experienced team at 1All Property understands that real estate isn’t just about prices; it’s also about relationships. We make sure to match our tenants in the GTA with properties that fit their lifestyle and budget, and our renters with AAA tenants.

We understand that handling Properties isn’t just a business transaction, it’s a whole new beginning. That’s why we offer an extensive array of services, making the process as easy and hassle-free as possible.

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 At My Ghrent we provide a 100% “done for you” accommodation solution which saves you the time and hassle of searching through numerous hotels and B&Bs to find well-located stays for your workforce. All we need from you are details of the location and the number of people, and we’ll find you the best possible accommodation.

Property Management

We provide a full management service completely free of hassle which includes managing our clients, the general upkeep of the property and dealing with minor maintenance issues.

Guaranteed Rent

We rent the property from you becoming your lead tenant and pay you an agreed rent monthly regardless of if the property is vacant or occupied. This way you don’t have to worry.

Long-Term Lets

With duration periods for up-to 5 years, we offer rentors long-term letting contracts. This provides more security and stability, so they can budget that income for a long period of time.

Constant Maintenance

We take care of any day-to-day damage to the property as it is our responsibility to return the property back to the renter in the same condition as when we took it.


At MY GHRENT, we custom match our properties to our clients’ needs. We work effortlessly to ensure our customers’ satisfaction is met. Our dedicated team is always at your call



We arrange and track fixes all day, every day. You are constantly kept educated on all work orders. We utilize confided in merchants that offer quality work and limited estimating


Rent Collection

We ensure you get paid on schedule, without fail. We acknowledge online lease installments and we uphold lease assortment cutoff times. We catch up with any past due inhabitants consistently


Property Inspections

We direct standard property examinations to guarantee inhabitants are dealing with your property. Proprietors get itemized investigation reports archiving property condition


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